Staff Positions

Digital Communications Coordinator: The Communications Coordinator will be involved in producing and disseminating all digital and printed communications.  This is a part-time, remote position.  To learn more, click here: Digital Communications Coordinator PD 2019.

Field Guide: BaMidbar’s Field Guides serve as mentors and wilderness guides for young adults struggling with mild to moderate social, emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges. Through applying therapeutic concepts, teaching technical and fundamental skills, integrating Jewish values and traditions, and connecting personally with students, staff serve as a support system for program participants.  BaMidbar’s supportive, strengths-based approach encourages students to move beyond their comfort zones to experience new, unexpected levels of confidence, personal achievement, and growth.  BaMidbar is currently hiring field guides for Spring & Summer as well as Summer Only.

Field Therapist: The role of the Field Therapist is to support implementation of student treatment plans through experiential activities in the field.  The Field Therapist will facilitate individual and group therapy sessions in the field, and will collaborate with the primary therapist on student well-being and group functioning.  The field therapist will also support field guides in maintaining a positive group milieu and therapeutic environment. To learn more, click here: BaMidbar Field Therapist 2020 PD.

Field Coordinator: The role of the Field Coordinator is to oversee logistics of field groups in accordance with BaMidbar’s guidelines and strengths-based program philosophy.  The Coordinator will mentor field staff and support their personal and professional development, and promote a culture of safety in all aspects of programming. To learn more, click here: Field Coordinator PD 2020.