Student Profile

Emerging adulthood is a time characterized by identity exploration, self-focus, instability, feeling in-between, and an age of possibilities.  While this can be an exciting time of change and opportunity, many emerging adults struggle to find themselves, their passion, and their place in society.  The manifestations of these struggles are oftentimes expressed through substance abuse, depression, anxiety, negative life patterns, and an inability to live life to its full potential.

BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy supports emerging adults who are struggling on their journey from adolescence to adulthood.  This struggle can be clinically complex and thus there is no standard wilderness therapy student.  Wilderness Therapy is not an alternative to hospitalization or long-term care and it is not for everyone.  Students must be medically stable and motivated to learn and grow through their experience.  All detoxification or withdrawal needs must be addressed before entering the program.

“Students must be motivated to learn and grow through their experience”

BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy serves at-risk young adults (18+) struggling with mild to moderate social, emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges.  Challenges may include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Self-Esteem
  • Social Deficits
  • Substance Abuse or Misuse
  • A “Failure to Launch”
  • Identity Development
  • Family Dysfunction
  • Academic and Employment Challenges
  • Negative Life Patterns