Student Profile

Launch Month supports teens (15-17)  in navigating the challenging transition between adolescence and young adulthood. Are you: 

  • Looking to build life skills that will help you succeed in high school and beyond?
  • Struggling with a recent or future transition in your life?
  • Exploring questions of identity and belonging? 
  • Looking for a transformative experience? 

Then Launch Month is right for you!  The population we work with is incredibly diverse, and our program attracts individuals from across the Jewish spectrum.  While we are a program of Ramah in the Rockies, which falls underneath the Conservative movement, BaMidbar is pluralistic and non-denominational.  

Did you know:  5% of students have identified as Hassidic, 27% have identified as Modern Orthodox, 27% have identified as Conservative, and 36% have identified as Reform Jews. 23% of students identify as Jews of color, and 28% of students identify as LGBTQ.  BaMidbar’s population is geographically diverse, and students have come from thirteen states and two countries.