Summer Programs

Due to COVID-19, BaMidbar has cancelled all scheduled summer programs.  Full cancellation information can be found here.


Etgar BaMidbar is an immersive 4-week experience for Jewish teens (15-17 years old) looking to challenge themselves emotionally, physically, and spiritually, while effectively navigating life’s challenging transitions.  

Your teenage years are full of potential, new connections, and increased independence.  They are also full of physical, emotional, and mental changes, stress and pressures, changing relationships, and uncertainty about the future.  While this is a natural part of growing up, we at BaMidbar believe it’s important to honor and respect the challenges present at this time in life, and support teens in building resilience and self-efficacy. 

BaMidbar uses wilderness and adventure-based experiences as a vehicle to promote self-reflection and community connection, while helping participants build a toolkit to face life’s challenges.  BaMidbar’s program is crafted to simultaneously support and challenge each participant, while allowing them to discover who they are, who they want to be, where they want to go, and how they’re going to get there.  

What can I expect from Etgar BaMidbar? 

Week 1: Get oriented at BaMidbar’s basecamp, then head to Great Sand Dunes National Park to begin your journey into the wilderness

Week 2: White water kayak in Taos, New Mexico while facing fears and building resilience 

Week 3: Explore Pueblo ruins at Bandelier National Monument while exploring questions of identity, connection, and belonging 

Week 4:  Push yourself to new heights and chart a path for the future while backpacking through Rocky Mountain National Park 

What will I gain from Etgar BaMidbar? 

  • Increase your self-understanding, self-compassion, and self-confidence 
  • Challenge yourself through adventure and wilderness-based experiences, as you build skills that will help you effectively navigate life’s challenging situations 
  • Engage with a supportive and healthy community of like-minded teens, and build strong relationships in an immersive, outdoor environment