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BaMidbar Therapeutic Expeditions return weekly to Ramah in the Rockies’ 360-acre ranch, nestled in the pristine Pike and San Isabel National Forests. Located 90 minutes from Denver at an elevation of 8,000 feet, the ranch is surrounded by magnificent towering mountain peaks with on-site natural climbing walls, and has three mountain-fed streams running through its center. BaMidbar’s accommodations are primitive with no electricity or running water. Students and staff sleep in a canvas platform tent, built solidly to withstand the elements, and have access to a clean pit toilet and bathing tent with a handheld pump shower system. The group cooks all meals outside either over a fire or using a propane stove.


BaMidbar takes advantage of the public lands available across the state of Colorado, including local wilderness areas, and State and National Parks. Typically, two masaot stay closer to basecamp, while the other two masaot require some travel to arrive at the trailhead. When groups are in the backcountry, students establish camp on a nightly basis. Each student is responsible for setting up their own sleeping tarp, and they work together to dig latrines and secure a group shelter in anticipation of inclement weather. Students use drip filters and Aquamira to purify water, and rely on fire and camp stoves to cook group meals.

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BaMidbar encourages you to reach out to us with your details and we will respond and begin a new chapter in wellness in the outdoors.

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