We partner with youth and young-adult serving Jewish community organizations to provide customized 3-10 day wilderness-based adventures.

Emerging adulthood, an age of possibilities, is a time characterized by identity exploration, self-focus, instability, and feeling in-between. While this can be an exciting moment of change and opportunity, many emerging adults struggle to find themselves, their passion, and their place in society.

Through wellness-oriented programs, BaMidbar helps all Jewish youth and young adults build resilience and thrive during this critical time period of life. BaMidbar offers alternative break trips, retreats, and non-immersive learning experiences. 


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Our Partners

Are you a synagogue looking to create a rite of passage experience for your B’nai Mitzvah or confirmation classes? Are you a day school hoping to support your seniors with a successful transition into college? Are you a camp looking to connect your outdoor programming with mental health and wellness curriculum? Or are you a Hillel hoping to build community and engage students in a new and unique experience?

Take your community OUTSIDE to try something different, seek fresh perspective, and build connections. We work with diverse organizations to create a customized curriculum and itinerary for the group. Give us a call today to share your goals, and we’ll craft an experience unique to your community’s needs.

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Build Community

Students will engage with a supportive and healthy community of like-minded young adults, and cultivate strong relationships that continue upon their return home.

Explore Idendity

In the beauty of the wilderness, students consider life’s big questions and explore meaning, values, and purpose.

Increase Self-Efficacy

Through outdoor adventure and nature-based experiences, students build transferable skills and increase their self-confidence and self-efficacy.

Our approach

BaMidbar’s wellness programs focus on building resilience through increased self-confidence, skill-building, and healthy relationships.

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Nature and adventure are used as a vehicle for personal growth. Students are challenged and given the opportunity to apply learning in a safe, experiential environment.
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Mental health professionals and outdoor educators design programming and curriculum. Trained guides facilitate experiences with an eye towards social, emotional, and spiritual growth.
wellness,wellness program,mental health,camps


3,000 years of Jewish history speaks to the question: what does it mean to live well? Jewish tradition, metaphor, and storytelling are used to support students in exploring values, purpose, and personal identity.
wellness,wellness program,mental health,camps


Programs work to increase open dialogue and decrease stigma around mental health in the broader Jewish community. Students reflect on their own mental wellness.

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