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Yes. As a program of Ramah in the Rockies, a 501(c)3 public charity, we fall underneath their tax-exempt status. All program proceeds are reinvested into the program and student scholarships. Donations can be made here.

BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy is a program of Ramah in the Rockies, a Jewish outdoor adventure summer program. Ramah in the Rockies saw a deficit in the Jewish community and determined they had the ability to effectively meet that need. For more information regarding Ramah in the Rockies and their programming click here, or email info@ramahoutdoors.org.

Wilderness therapy programs use wilderness and adventure-based experiences as a vehicle to promote the therapeutic growth of participants, in a process guided and directed by a licensed mental health professional. Many wilderness therapy programs share common activities. These include a focus on backcountry travel and wilderness living experiences, during which clinical assessment, treatment planning, and treatment interventions take place. Students are in a group setting. They have individual and group therapy sessions, and participate in activities that foster social growth and positive relationships. Outdoor Behavioral Health (OBH) programs use the wilderness environment and natural consequences – both through metaphor and within the program activities – as part of the therapeutic process. Eustress, the development of managed and healthy levels of stress, is cultivated through outdoor living, adventure activities, and group interactions. It is used to enhance personal development and therapeutic growth by building self-efficacy and resilience.

BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy’s program is based at Ramah in the Rockies, a 360-acre ranch in the pristine Pike and San Isabel National Forests. The ranch is located about 90 minutes southwest of Denver.

BaMidbar’s administrative offices are located in Denver at JEWISHcolorado:

BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy
C/O Ramah in the Rockies
300 S. Dahlia St. Suite 205
Denver, CO 80246

BaMidbar will provide all clothing and gear necessary for your stay. The only items needed from you are:

    • Medications
    • Prescription glasses (contacts are not appropriate due to dust, smoke, dirt, and other environmental considerations in a wilderness experience)
    • Retainers (with case to keep when not in use)
    • Tallit
    • Tefillin
    • Kippot
    • Personal siddur

Any items outside of those listed will be inventoried and stored at the office until the end of the program. Please leave all jewelry, electronics, cell phones, etc. at home.

Our staff consists of a clinical team, spiritual counseling team, field team, and medical team, with a staff ratio of three to one. Each team member undergoes a 10-day pre-program training consisting of an orientation which covers the program’s mission, vision, and values; purpose and goals; job responsibilities; a 4-day field practicum; policies and procedures; emergency protocol and safety standards; and de-escalation/crisis intervention certification. In addition, staff receive weekly in-service trainings at the beginning of every field shift. These in-service trainings cover a variety of topics, including program logistics, psychoeducational curriculum, treatment modalities, program safety, policies and procedures review, crisis intervention skills, etc.

Our clinical team are our primary therapists who are licensed in the state of Colorado as LCSW, LPC, LMFT, or Clinical Psychologists. Our medical team comprises of a minimum of one certified Wilderness First Responder within every field group and a medical doctor who oversees program admissions, provides guidance, and oversees protocol to program staff.

For information regarding our year-round team please click here.

Parents participate in weekly calls with the student’s therapist. While the student is in the program, the family will go through a parallel process. This curriculum may include therapy assignments, bibliotherapy, and guided letter-writing. In addition, parents will participate in a two-day mid-program visit. This includes a one-day workshop with program clinicians and other families, and a one-day visit with the student in the field.

At BaMidbar, we understand that in order for participants to be successful, they first have to be physically safe. BaMidbar fully outfits all students to be outside in the winter. Students will receive gear appropriate for the weather conditions at the ranch in winter. At base camp, participants will sleep in heated wall tents. While on their expeditions, they sleep in a specialty “nordic tipi” adapted from Finnish culture, complete with a packable wood stove.

Please send medications with your child to the program. Arrangements may be made for medication to be shipped to a local pharmacy or our office. All medications must be listed on a medical form and, upon arrival, given to our medical team. No child will be able to self-administer or keep their medication with them, unless otherwise specified.

We believe that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution. We offer a customized array of evidence-based therapies to help each student find their unique path to wellness. Students and therapists develop individualized treatment plans based on each person’s diagnosis, symptoms, and self-defined goals. Modalities used include Trauma Informed Care, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Pastoral Counseling, to name a few.

BaMidbar has a per-day rate of $515, and a one-time admissions fee of $2,500. As a non-profit organization, BaMidbar offers need-based scholarships.

The admissions fee covers the cost of intake, including a physical exam, and of outfitting the student with personal gear. The program fee is used to cover all program expenses, including staffing, program supplies and materials, facility use, administrative expenses, needs-based financial aid, community outreach, family programming and support groups, community resources, and educational materials.

Yes. BaMidbar offers need-based scholarships. Please speak with our admissions staff to learn about financial aid availability. BaMidbar scholarships average about $7,000.

To apply for financial aid, families should submit a request letter explaining their situation and why they are seeking a Jewish wilderness therapy program. Additionally, families will submit:

    • A copy of the first two pages of their last two tax returns
    • Copies of Schedules A, B, C, & D if applicable
    • Previous expenditures on treatment programs
    • Annual expenditure on medical costs
    • Other relevant major annual expenses

Families must FIRST enroll their student in BaMidbar and pay the deposit. If, after registering and paying the deposit, the assistance requested is not received, families may withdraw without ANY financial penalties at any time within the seven days of receiving scholarship award information.

BaMidbar works with an independent organization, Denials Management, to manage all insurance claims. Upon enrollment in the program, BaMidbar will connect families to Denials, to do an initial verification of benefits. This process will give families an understanding of expected insurance reimbursement. BaMidbar covers the cost of the initial verification of benefits.

BaMidbar does not directly bill insurance companies. Families may choose to pursue insurance reimbursement independently or work with Denials Management on insurance claims.

Upon completion of the student’s stay at BaMidbar, families will receive a therapeutic breakdown of cost to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement purchases.

BaMidbar does not guarantee reimbursement for expenses related to the student’s stay. Please refer to Program Director Jory Hanselman for specific insurance reimbursement questions, and to talk through realistic possibilities with insurance reimbursement.

Family communication predominantly occurs via letter writing. Parents will also have the opportunity for an in-person visit during the program and be in communication with the student’s therapist on a weekly basis. Field staff communicate with base camp twice daily, so any critical information can be easily communicated to groups.

At BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy, students will spend four days per week on masa’ot (excursions) exploring the public lands of Colorado. They will spend the remaining three days at our base camp in the Rocky Mountains, visiting with therapists and celebrating Shabbat as a community.

Click here for weekly schedule.