Typical Day

At BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy, students will spend four days per week on masa’ot (excursions) exploring the public lands of Colorado.  They will spend the remaining three days at our basecamp in the Rocky Mountains visiting with therapists and celebrating Shabbat as a community.

On Excursions…

Days out on the trail begin with sunrise.  On masa’ot (excursions), students have the opportunity to live out our values: learning respect for each other and themselves (Kavod), enjoying the breathtaking Colorado landscape (Simcha), learning new skills (Tzmicah I’shit), and forming bonds as a group (Kehilla). Therapists work with our field guides to ensure excursion activities meet the needs of each student and their individual therapeutic goals. Group travel itineraries are based on the ability and needs of group members and the current weather conditions.  These excursions provide students a chance to take a journey of discovery–to challenge themselves, develop new skills, realize their potential, and chart a pathway to recovery.

While there is no such thing as a typical schedule while on excursion, students can expect their mornings and afternoons to consist of the following activities:


  • Wake up
  • Shmirat HaGuf (caring for our bodies, morning exercise) and t’ffilot or meditation (caring for our souls, morning meditations)
  • Breakfast
  • Morning Group Activity
  • Pack up and naturalize camp
  • Hike or program activity


  • Lunch
  • Finish hike or program activity
  • Set up camp
  • Personal time, therapy assignments, and letter writing
  • Skills sessions or 12 Step Meeting
  • Dinner
  • Evening Group Therapy
  • Community fireside time
  • Personal time and laila tov (good night)

At Basecamp…

The Ramah in the Rockies basecamp provides an opportunity for students to slow down, reflect, visit with their therapists, and come together as a community.  Therapists spend Thursday and Friday at basecamp with students, and will occasionally stay through Shabbat.   Therapists hold individual and group therapy sessions.  Students have time to work on therapy assignments, write letters, and participate in activities across our basecamp.  BaMidbar’s Spiritual Counselor also supports basecamp activities, and provides Jewish learning opportunities for students and staff.   All Shabbatot are spent at our basecamp, where we are together as a community to celebrate the traditions, spirituality, and peace of Shabbat.