Mission, Vision & Values


BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy guides Jewish young adults on individualized journeys of self-discovery and healing.  Through nature-based therapy, BaMidbar is a stepping stone to independent, healthy, adulthood.


BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy envisions a Jewish community that actively supports emerging adults achieve mental wellness.  We envision a program that:

  • Utilizes nature and adventure-based experiences as part of a therapeutic process that promotes emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness
  • Uses Jewish metaphor and storytelling to build personal as well as Jewish identity and values
  • Supports the family in building strong and healthy relationships
  • Increases open dialogue around mental health and addiction in the broader Jewish community

BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy is guided by four core values*.  We take these values seriously and incorporate them in every element of our program.

Kavod – Honor, dignity, and respect for ourselves and all of God’s creations.

“Who is honored? The one who honors others” (Pirke Avot 4:11).

Acting with Kavod is the standard at BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy.  Our students learn that we can only function as a true community when we show Kavod to others, to the environment around us, and perhaps most importantly, to ourselves.

Simcha – Finding joyful Jewish meaning in every aspect of our lives.

Happiness is a state of mind in an individual.  But Simcha – Joy – is a uniquely shared emotion central to our lives as Jews.  At BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy, our students experience authentic Judaism every day through the lens of friendship, teamwork, and learning, and through the simcha of Jewish community and spiritual growth.

Growth – Accepting the challenges of personal transformation in every important way.

At BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy, we believe in Challenge by Choice, and give our students the opportunity and encouragement to challenge themselves emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually.  Every season, remarkable transformations take place: confidence is gained; leadership is acquired; Torah is learned; and wilderness skills are mastered.  As a result, our students develop a life-altering skill.  When in the future they face new obstacles or difficult decisions, they will be able to reach back to their time at BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy and say, “I have done this before; I can do it again.”

Kehilla – Community and Connection – to God, our families, the Jewish people, our communities, and the natural world.

While everyone wants to be independent, it is vital that our students learn that we are also intended to be connected to the many facets of the world around us.  Strengthening our relationship with God and spirituality, supporting the Jewish people, caring relationships with our families, building and sustaining our communities, embracing God’s natural gifts, and becoming worthy caretakers of our environment –  that’s what connection means at BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy.

*Adapted from Ramah in the Rockies’ Core Values

BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy is a program of Ramah in the Rockies, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit public charity.  To learn more about Ramah in the Rockies, visit ramahoutdoors.org.