Mission, Vision & Values

BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy combines the lifelong impact of the Ramah experience and the guidance, support, and strength inherent in Jewish tradition, with a clinically sophisticated, evidence-based therapeutic model.  By doing so, BaMidbar encourages students to redefine how they view themselves, reevaluate their capabilities, and rediscover their vision for a brighter tomorrow. In short, BaMidbar provides the framework for Jewish youth and young adults to find their voice, and write their own narrative.

Our Mission

BaMidbar promotes whole-health wellness in the Jewish community by elevating the conversation around mental health and providing wilderness-based journeys of self-discovery, hope, and healing.

Our Vision

BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy envisions a resilient and thriving Jewish community that actively supports its members in achieving mental wellness.  

Our Program

BaMidbar hosts three core programs: our 4-week Therapeutic Expeditions for young adults (18-28), 4-week wellness programs for adolescents (15-17), and 8-day Experiential Educator Course.  All of our programs:

  • Use nature and adventure-based experiences as part of a therapeutic process that promotes emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness
  • Use Jewish metaphor and storytelling to build personal as well as Jewish identity and values
  • Support individuals in building strong and healthy relationships
  • Increases open dialogue around mental health and addiction in the Jewish community

Our Values

כבוד – Honor, dignity, and respect for self and others

שמחה – Finding joyful Jewish meaning in every aspect of our lives

צמיחה אישית – Accepting the challenges of personal transformation in every important way.

קהילה – The strength and support of an inclusive community


BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy is a program of Ramah in the Rockies, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit public charity.  To learn more about Ramah in the Rockies, visit ramahoutdoors.org.