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Jory Hanselman

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Introducing BaMidbar’s Field Team

As BaMidbar prepares for an intensive three weeks of staff training, we are excited to introduce our field team, who serve as mentors and guides for students in our program.  Through applying therapeutic concepts, teaching technical and fundamental skills, integrating…

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Shabbat Zachor

By Jacob Chatinover “Forgetfulness leads to exile, in Memory is the secret to redemption.” –Baal Shem Tov As field staff, I have often talked about the ways communal memory in Judaism impacts the stories we tell ourselves and the scope…


Tu B’Shvat at BaMidbar

By Eliana Willis With snow on the ground and students and staff bundled up in warm clothing, it is hard to imagine that spring is just around the corner. But all around us, the trees are quietly awakening from the…

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8 Days of Hanukkah at BaMidbar

See what we’ve been up to for each of the eight days of Hanukkah!   Day 1: Backcountry Hanukiya Students constructed their own hanukiyah to light Hanukkah candles in the field for the eight nights of Hanukkah. Day 2: Dreidel,…

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הכרת תודה – Gratitude

By Zack Slavkin The days continue to lose light earlier and earlier as we head in to our Rocky Mountain winter. In this time, it is important to find the small things in the day to be thankful for. When…

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Group Juggle Will Save Us All!

By Nick Magel-Haberek, MS, MSW, LCSW Adventure therapy is something that I feel quite passionate about.  For me, it’s not enough to do it all day at BaMidbar. I’m also going home and writing about it, refining my work, and…