BaMidbar Through the Decade

While BaMidbar opened programming in January 2018, an incredible amount of community support and many years of work made this program possible. Learn about our evolution over the last decade, as we plan for the decade to come!



Ramah in the Rockies opens as the first Jewish outdoor-adventure overnight camp. The camp attracts Jewish outdoor professionals from across the country, many of whom worked at or went to wilderness therapy programs.

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Ramah in the Rockies 2010 staff



Cliff Stockton, wilderness therapy guru, teaches a Wilderness First Responder course at Ramah in the Rockies . He asks Rabbi Eliav Bock, Ramah in the Rockies’ director, “What in the world are you guys doing! There are so many young Jews in wilderness therapy programs. You have an amazing program that supports personal growth and youth development. There should be a Jewish wilderness therapy program.”

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Cliff Stockton teaches Rabbinic Intern Miriam Green to make a bow-drill fire



Rabbi Eliav Bock begins speaking with wilderness therapy program graduates and staff as he considers the possibility of kosher, shomer Shabbat wilderness therapy program at the Ramah in the Rockies ranch.

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Mountaintop tefillah



Rabbi Eliav Bock joins with community leaders Teena Slatkin and Rabbi Anat Moskowitz to discuss the pressing need for increased resources within the Jewish community for individuals and families impacted by mental health and substance use disorders.

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From left to right: Rabbi Eliav Bock, Rabbi Anat Moskowitz, Hindy Finman, Joel Dworkin, Teena Slatkin



Ramah in the Rockies receives a grant to explore the concept of YASP – Young Adult Success Program – and the idea of BaMidbar is officially born.

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A young adult on top of a mountain



Afters years of exploration and conversation, Ramah in the Rockies decides to officially move forward and create the first Jewish wilderness therapy program. Jory Hanselman is hired as a full-time director, to lead the program development process of BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy .

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BaMidbar Director Jory Hanselman



In January 2018, BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy launches programming, supporting Jewish young adults struggling with mental health and wellness on wilderness-based journeys of self-discovery, hope, and healing.

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BaMidbar students hiking with their gear



In 2020 BaMidbar will expand upon its strengths, continuing young adult therapeutic expeditions, launching adolescent wellness summer programs, and piloting a professional development course for Jewish community educators looking to expand their mental health literacy.

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A BaMidbar student in front of Lake Wellington, CO

We’re so excited to see what the next 10 years bring for BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy!

Learn more about our 2020 Programs:

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