Community Education

BaMidbar offers a variety of professional development workshops and community education events for synagogues, Jewish day schools, summer camps, youth groups, and more.  Interested in bringing a BaMidbar staff to your community? Email, or call (720) 835-2937 x101.  

Upcoming Events: 

RUACH ChaZak (A Strong Spirit): Wellness in the age of Covid-19

Sunday, July 19th from 12:00-3:00PM EST

Interested in exploring, discussing, and learning more about mental health for Jewish college students? JOIN US: JULY 19th, 2020 from 12-3 PM EST for a day of mental health conversation, education, and reflection. You will be provided with an open and safe space to discuss mental health (emotional and spiritual) challenges that arise for you and your peers on campus; and, to reflect on how COVID-19 has affected you. You will get to hear and discuss advice and some helpful coping techniques from professionals in the field. See the Facebook event for a full list of our partners and the day’s schedule.

Reserve your spot for the conference here.


Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health: Back to School Course for Jewish Educators

Tuesday, July 28th and Tuesday August 4th from 12:00-1:30PM MST.

Just because it’s back to school, doesn’t mean it’s back to normal. The return to school and structured activities this fall will bring with it many new and unique challenges for both educators and youth. Whether it is the change in environment, social interactions, or structure, youth will face more stressors than an average back-to-school season.  Along with this increase in stressors, we are likely to see an increase in stress responses and mental health challenges.  This course will help Jewish educators understand and better support the mental, emotional, and behavioral health needs of their students.

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