Values, Burnout, and Boundaries with 4Front Baltimore

Values, Burnout, and Boundaries with 4Front Baltimore

Dates: April 22, 2021
Location: Virtual

Course Details

As professionals, we are often drawn to this work because we are passionate about our organization’s mission and have a strong desire to support and to serve. With this good intention at heart, we sometimes find ourselves in situations where it becomes difficult to say “no” and hold boundaries. This can lead to burnout, dissatisfaction, and decreased motivation and drive. This session will make space to explore how the values that drive us can contribute to our burnout and will help professionals personally answer the question: How do we balance our passion for our work with our need to protect and sustain ourselves as individuals? Placing our values along a continuum, We will investigate how and where our values are serving us and/ or hurting us. We will practice recognizing our burnout trends and explore how to effectively hold boundaries.

Learning Objectives:

  • Know: Professionals will identify the values that drive us in our work, and explore how those values fuel or fight our tendency to feel burned out.
  • Do: Professionals will build strategies to implement realistic and effective boundaries to help fight personal burnout.
  • Feel: Professionals will feel empowered in understanding our burnout trends and optimistic about our ability to use that understanding to better care for ourselves.

Who It’s For

This program was designed in collaboration with 4Front Baltimore to provide self-care and mental health training for local teen-serving professionals.


This session will be offered on Thursday, April 22, 2021 from 11:15AM – 12:20PM MST.

Registration Details

This program is not open to the public. If you are interested in bringing this program or similar content to your organization or community, please contact Emily Heeren at EmilyH@BaMidbarTherapy.org.


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