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Wilderness Therapy @ BaMidbar

When: June 30 to August 8, 2022
Where: Colorado

BaMidbar’s Wilderness Therapy program is a 40-day immersive, wilderness-based, therapeutic program for emerging adults (ages 18-28) looking to find direction and chart a new path forward. Our program uses wilderness and adventure-based experiences as a vehicle to promote self-reflection and therapeutic growth, while helping participants build a toolkit to face life’s challenges.

“BaMidbar was a wonderful experience that really helped me to regain my happiness and confidence. It taught me tools that are going to help me make a plan for the future.” ~BaMidbar Alum


BaMidbar’s program is crafted to simultaneously support and challenge students, allowing them to discover who they are, who they want to be, where they want to go, and how they’re going to get there. Licensed mental health professionals provide individual and group therapy, and develop individualized treatment plans for each student.

Our Students

We help Jewish emerging adults build resilience and overcome obstacles. Our wilderness therapy program serves emerging adults (ages 18-28) who are struggling to find their way, and may or may not have a history of mental health challenges. Life challenges may include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • A “failure to launch”
  • Mild substance use or abuse
  • Identity exploration
  • Negative life patterns
  • Academic or employment challenges

[Image Description] A student, sitting on a sand dune, explores the ground beneath them

Our Approach

* Wilderness as Therapy: Nature and adventure-based experiences are used as vehicle for therapeutic growth, and students are challenged and given the opportunity to apply learning in a safe, experiential environment.


* Clinical Intervention: Students work with a therapist through individual, group, and adventure-based therapy. Licensed mental health professionals provide therapy and trained guides facilitate experiences with an eye toward mental, emotional, and social growth.


* Jewish Les: At BaMidbar, we meet every student where they are in their unique Jewish journey. Using 3,000 years of Jewish tradition, students explore questions of meaning, values, and purpose. BaMidbar’s program is pluralistic, kosher, and Shabbat-observant.


“All the staff were extremely professional and great communicators. The program was so well-run, thoughtful, and caring. We would highly recommend this to anyone considering a program such as this!” ~BaMidbar Parent