Sliding scale Therapy information

BaMidbar Therapy promotes self-reflection and therapeutic growth, while helping participants build a toolkit to face life’s challenges. We recognize that one of those challenges is accessing affordable therapy services. BaMidbar is working hard to get contracted with a variety of insurance agencies, and anticipate accepting insurance by Spring 2024. During this time, we offer a sliding scale to establish session fees.

For an average family of four (+/- $15,000 per additional/fewer people in your household), therapy rates are offered within the following ranges, based on household annual adjusted gross income (AGI) levels:

    • AGI <$150,000: $35-$75/session
    • AGI $150,000-$250,000: $75-$115/session
    • AGI $250,000-$350,000: $115-$155/session 
    • AGI >$350,000: $155/session

Standard therapy rates at BaMidbar are $155 for individual sessions. Our sliding scale ranges from $35-$155 for a 50-minute session. By offering a sliding scale model, our services can benefit a wider-range of people and allow us to serve more youth and young adults in our community. Once you share a bit more about your household, you will be notified of a fee change.

No catch! If BaMidbar’s standard rate isn’t an option for you, we’ll ask you to complete a form providing information about your financial circumstances. This information is shared with BaMidbar’s business team to determine your per session fee. Information is maintained with a strict level of confidentiality and is not shared with your therapist or the clinical team. 

Our Sliding Scale Therapy Form has two sections, which cover the following questions:

Section 1

    • Option 1: I will pay BaMidbar’s full session cost at $155 per 50-minute psychotherapy session. (If you check this box, you do not need to provide any additional financial information.)
    • Option 2: I would like to submit my financial information to receive a fee reduction based on BaMidbar’s sliding scale. (If you check this box, you will be asked to answer questions under Section 2.)

Section 2 (if you selected option 2 above)

    • Number of people in your household. (Who should be included in your household? For this form, a household usually includes a tax filer, their spouse if they have one, and their tax dependents. If you are counted as a dependent on someone else’s tax returns, you should include their annual adjusted gross income and household size.)
    • Household Annual Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). (As reflected on your latest tax return.)
    • Do you receive financial support from outside sources such as parents, caregivers, family members, etc.? (Financial support can include, but is not limited to, support with rent, food, tuition, utilities, car payments, health insurance, etc.). If so, please list:
        • Dollar amount of contribution
        • Frequency of distribution (weekly/monthly/annually)
        • Describe the type of support
        • Do you have any additional financial responsibilities that impact your ability to pay for therapy? (student loans, medical debts, family caregiving, etc.) If yes, please describe.

BaMidbar uses TherapyAppointment to handle all paperwork and to accept payments. Before your first session, we will add a credit card to your file. Payments are due at the time of service and TherapyAppointment will charge your card within 48 hours of your session.