Jamie Bornstein

Jamie Bornstein

Hannah Horowitz & Rabbi Batya Ellinoy Join BaMidbar Team

BaMidbar is excited to welcome Rabbi Batya Elana Ellinoy and Hannah Horowitz to its professional team, bringing BaMidbar’s staff to 11 employees. Rabbi Ellinoy is BaMidbar’s first Rabbi-in-Residence, a position made possible by a 1-year grant from the Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah. Hannah Horowitz is BaMidbar’s first Colorado-based Clinician & Educator.
Jewish young adults hiking with BaMidbar Therapy, a mental health organization for Jewish teens and young adults.

BaMidbar Offers Uniquely Jewish Mental Health Support

(JewishBoston) The teen mental health crisis has reached a tipping point: During COVID, 44% of teens reported feeling “persistently sad or hopeless,” and 14% say they’ve contemplated suicide. BaMidbar offers a unique, Jewish way to support teens—and adults—in times of crisis, with adventure-based therapy for youth and mental health training for Jewish professionals.