July Newsletter: Join Us for Upcoming Programming

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“Just because its back to school doesn’t mean its back to normal”

A Professional Development Course for Teen Educators

The return to school and structured activities this fall will bring with it many new and unique challenges for both educators and youth. Whether it is the change in environment, social interactions or structure, youth will face more stressors than an average back-to-school season. Along with this increase in stressors, we are likely to see an increase in stress responses and mental health challenges. BaMidbar will be offering a two-session online course to help Jewish educators understand and better support the mental, emotional, and behavioral health needs of their students.

Stress, Anxiety, and COVID-19

 Session 1: July 28th
12:00 – 1:30 PM MST 

  • Understanding the Window of Tolerance
  • Coping with Stress
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Physiology of Trauma
  • Trauma in the Classroom
  • What You Can Do
  • How to “Stay in Your Lane”

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Staff and student talking

Strategies for Educators

 Session 2: August 4th
from 12:00 – 1:30 PM MST 

  • Empathy & Communication
  • Building Motivation
  • Embracing Strengths
  • Promoting Wellness
  • Understanding Compassion Fatigue
  • Holding Boundaries

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Therapist and student talking

BaMidbar will be offering a new course each month on a variety of topics related to mental, emotional, and behavioral health, experiential education, and wellness through a Jewish lens. Stay tuned for information about our next course, “From Zoom Fatigue to Digital Simcha: Making online facilitation more experiential.”

Other Events

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“Ruach ChaZak: Wellness in the Age of COVID-19”

“CALLING ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS! Interested in exploring, discussing, and learning more about mental health for Jewish college students?

JOIN US: JULY 19th, 2020 from 12-3 PM EST for a day of mental health conversation, education, and reflection hosted by ChaZak: Because You Matter and RUACH: Emotional and Spiritual Support. BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy is proud to be a partner for this event, and we will be leading sessions and participating on the keynote panel.

In the News

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Staff and students at the lake

The Natan Fund announced its 2020-2021 grantees this week, and in EJewish Philanthropy, Natan’s associate director reflects on grantmaking during these unprecedented times. “In a time that seems short on positive stories,” she writes, “our grantees give us inspiration that Jewish communities and Israel will not only survive these trying times, but will continue to respond to emerging needs and realities with courage, creativity, and resilience.” We are so thrilled and grateful to share that the Natan Fund has selected BaMidbar as a 2020-2021 grantee. Thank You! Read the full article here