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Jory Hanselman


Shana Tova from BaMidbar

As we prepare for the Days of Awe, days of deep introspection and self-reflection, we face a challenging task. Despite the challenges we face, last week’s Torah portion reminds us that we can do it; we are capable. From all…

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Our Path Moving Forward

In early March, BaMidbar hosted its first Experiential Educator Course, attended by Jewish community professionals looking to expand their mental health literacy and explore facilitation through the lens of social and emotional growth experiences. The program was a huge success,…

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August Newsletter: From Zoom Fatigue to Digital Simcha

“How to use experiential education principles in online facilitation“ As we settle into a world of virtual interaction, video conferencing, and Zoom fatigue, professionals are struggling with creative and engaging online facilitation. This two-session course will explore how we translate…

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Update on Summer Programming at BaMidbar

The BaMidbar team has been closely monitoring developments related to COVID-19 since the onset of this global pandemic. We have examined countless possible scenarios and contingency plans. We have tracked national guidelines and worked closely with local medical experts, state…

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BaMidbar Spring & Summer Programming Update

Student health and safety is BaMidbar’s top priority. During the off-season our team spends countless hours preparing for emergencies and working with a variety of public health officials to ensure a safe and healthy experience for our participants. In March,…

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 What If We Didn’t Do Passover? 

By: Emily Heeren My sister sat down at the dining room table across from me. “So, hear me out,” she said, “and I’m only like 50% joking, but what if we just didn’t do Pesach this year?” Isn’t this particular week –…