Support Groups and Mental Health Trainings in the Time of COVID-19

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Community Partners,

We hope this email finds you and your loved ones in good health. In this climate of uncertainty and social distancing, isolation and mental health challenges are on the rise. The BaMidbar team is reaching out today to offer our assistance. We want to be a resource to your community and share our expertise to increase connection and support you and your networks.

BaMidbar is partnering with Jewish community organizations to offer online content on social, emotional, and mental health.

We’re happy to partner on a stand-alone session, or join as a guest speaker for your online event or team meeting on the following topics:

  • Suicide Prevention Training through QPR
  • Understanding and Managing Anxiety
  • Experiential Online Check-Ins: How to Facilitate Deep Connections in a Virtual World

We’re also happy to brainstorm content that is most applicable for your community. Please email Jory Hanselman at JoryH@BaMidbarTherapy.org or call (720) 930-4390 to let us know if you are interested in collaborating or learning more.

Our Clinical Director Nick Magle-Haberek and Director Jory Hanselman will also be hosting a weekly support group for Jewish community professionals focused on community connection, emotional reflection, self-care, and coping skills during these challenging times. In order to keep the conversation small and intimate, participation is by registration only and is limited to 15 people.

If this email inspires any questions, comments, or ideas for other helpful topics, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our goal is to support you while you support those who look to you for guidance and direction. We appreciate your insight and dedication to those you serve, and want to wish you a restorative and peaceful Shabbat.

Be Well,
The BaMidbar Team


BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy is working to ensure that Jewish youth and young adults have the confidence, skills, and community support to navigate life’s challenges and thrive in the face of adversity.

We achieve this by:

  • Supporting Jewish young adults struggling with depression and anxiety through our four-week, wilderness-based, therapeutic program;
  • Supporting Jewish teens through our four-week summer program focused on building resilience through increased self-confidence, skill-building, and healthy relationships;
  • Providing educational programming for the Jewish community focused on mental health literacy and facilitation through the lens of social and emotional growth experiences