September 2022 Newsletter

Launching Teen Wellness Fellowship in Los Angeles
Do you know an LA-based teen interested in learning about mental health through a Jewish lens, building personal resilience and community, strengthening their resume, and getting paid in the process? If yes, the Wellness Fellowship is just for them!

The Teen Wellness Fellowship trains and empowers teens to be change-makers in the ongoing conversation around mental health in the Jewish community. Over the course of five months (January – May 2023), Fellows will work to increase awareness and decrease stigma around mental health through personal exploration, group learning, and field-based projects. Teens must be in 10th-12th grade to apply, and are asked to commit 6-8 hours per month to the initiative. Participants receive a $500 stipend upon completion of the Fellowship. Applications are due November 15, 2022.

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Calling All Jewish Professionals! 
Register for Mental, Emotional, and Social Health for Experiential Educators (MESH-EE).

Jewish professionals are uniquely situated to create positive environments where not only Jewish learning, but also mental health and wellness, can flourish. Mental, Emotional, and Social Health for Experiential Educators (MESH-EE) helps Jewish professionals expand their understanding of mental health and wellness through experiential education and a Jewish lens, in order to actively promote resilience and help their students thrive.

As a result of BaMidbar’s MESH-EE program, Jewish professionals build the knowledge, skills, and confidence to:

  • Promote healthy social and emotional development for all of the youth they serve
  • Recognize when youth are at risk of experiencing mental health challenges
  • Explore connections between Jewish tradition and mental health and wellness
  • Create Jewish educational experiences through a whole-health wellness lens

This course will be offered virtually on Wednesday’s from October 26-November 16.

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Image Description: BaMidbar staff teach a group of Jewish communal professionals  
L’Shana Tova and Shabbat Shalom! 
One of BaMidbar’s core values is tzmicha i’shit, which we translate as “accepting the challenge of personal transformation.” As we prepare for the Days of Awe, the task before us is not easy. Yet, we are capable. And, as this week’s Torah portion tells us, we have the tools to face this. Personal growth and transformation are not beyond our reach.

At this time of year, Jews across the world reflect and ask: “Who am I? How did I get here? Where am I going?” Similarly, at BaMidbar students will wrestle with these questions every day. The road and the future stretch before us, and in these days of intense self-reflection, self-assessment, and self discovery, we take the time to consider who we are now, who we have been, and who we want to be.

The Torah reminds us that “this is very close to you; it is in your mouth and in your heart so that you can do it (Deuteronomy 30:14).” La’ahsoto – you can do it. It is from within that we each draw out our answers. It is from within that we find our strengths to guide our steps in making those answers reality. This lesson, perhaps more than any other, is what we hope to impart at BaMidbar.

The task before us is not insignificant, nor is it easy. Despite this, we are capable. From all of us here BaMidbar, we are wishing you the opportunity to internalize the Torah’s words, “it is not hidden from you, nor is it beyond your reach (Deuteronomy 30:11)” in this Sweet New Year.

Image Description: A round challah baked by BaMidbar students in a dutch oven over the fire
BaMidbar is working to ensure that Jewish youth and young adults have the confidence, skills, and community support to navigate life’s challenges and thrive in the face of adversity. Help us address mental health in the Jewish community. BaMidbar is a 501(c)3 public charity and your donation may be tax-deductible.
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