Teen Wellness Fellowship – Los Angeles

Teen Wellness Fellowship – Los Angeles

Dates: January 22, 2023
-May 7, 2023
Cost: Free! ($500 Stipend)
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Course Details

The Wellness Fellowship trains and empowers teens to be change-makers in the ongoing conversation about mental health in the Jewish community. As advocates, teens work to increase awareness and decrease stigma around mental health through personal exploration, group learning, and field-based projects. Fellows receive monthly training seminars, mentoring check-ins, project mangement support, and resume building opportunities. Participants will receive a $500 stipend upon completion of the Fellowship.

Through the Fellowship, teens will:

  • Build a passionate community: Join like-minded peers who want to take on an active leadership role addressing the youth mental health crisis.
  • Engage in high-level training seminars: Dive deep into topics such as mental health awareness, advocacy, and wellness, and explore the ways in which these topics connect to Jewish identity and sense of personal resilience.
  • Design and implement community-based mental health projects: Collaborate to identify concrete problems and work toward solutions that can make positive change in our community.

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The Wellness Fellowship is offered by BaMidbar in partnership with Temple Beth Am, with generous support from the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.


Who It’s For

The Wellness Fellowship is for 10th, 11th, and 12th graders from throughout the greater Los Angeles area, representing a wide network of towns, schools, synangogues, camps, and youth movements. Prime candidates are teens who are passionate about increasing awareness around mental health and are interested in bringing their leadership skills to the next level.



The Wellness Fellowship asks a commitment of 6-8 hours per month from January through May 2023. The group will gather monthly from 2pm-5pm PST at Temple Beth Am in Los Angeles on the following Sundays:

  • January 22
  • February 19
  • March 12
  • April 23
  • May 7


Registration Details

We welcome you to share this opportunity with your networks and amongst your friends. Applications will be accepted through December 1, 2022. Once your application is received, you will be contacted with additional information and asked to schedule an interview. Interviews will conclude before Thanksgiving, and acceptances will be announced in early December.

This application takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. We recommend that you complete your application in one session. You will not be able to save your responses to complete at a later time, and Google forms times out after a given period of time. You can find a link to the application here.

Have any questions about the Wellness Fellowship program and/or the application process? Please reach out to Emily Heeren at EmilyH@bamidbartherapy.org.

We look forward to connecting with you and reviewing your application.

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