Update on Summer Programming at BaMidbar

The BaMidbar team has been closely monitoring developments related to COVID-19 since the onset of this global pandemic. We have examined countless possible scenarios and contingency plans. We have tracked national guidelines and worked closely with local medical experts, state officials, and partners within the Jewish communal world. A few weeks ago, we extended our cancellations of programs through June 30th, with the hope for positive news to emerge that might allow us to operate in the latter part of the summer.  Alas, this has not happened. Therefore, it is with deep sadness and profound disappointment that we are canceling all scheduled in-person programs for this summer.


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A bend in the road

As we all feel the stress of physical distancing, uncertainty, and isolation, many in our community are struggling.  Loneliness, depression, anxiety, and addiction that may be manageable during normal times are exacerbated during this time of crisis.

Since the beginning of April, the BaMidbar team has been partnering with local and national Jewish organizations to support mental health and wellness in the Jewish community. Since the beginning of April, we have partnered with nine Jewish organizations on 15 events reaching over 350 community members.  Event topics have included:

  • Understanding and Managing Anxiety
  • Secondary Trauma and Care for Caregivers
  • Empowering Teens at Home
  • Digital Simcha: Finding Joy in a Virtual World
  • Experiential Online Facilitation
  • Understanding Grief & Loss
  • Teen Mental Health & Wellness from Afar
  • Relationship-Based Learning & Trauma-Informed Instruction

We are working to continuously expand our digital offerings, and predominantly will be working with Jewish community organizations to provide programming for their professional staff and communities.  If you are interested in working with the BaMidbar team to host programming for your community, please email JoryH@BaMidbarTherapy.org for more information.


National Ramah Commission: Finding Your Resilient Zone

Tuesday, May 26th @ 6 PM MST

BBYO Teen Support Groups through BBYO On Demand

Managing Stress & Anxiety: Monday, June 1st @ 4 PM MST

Understanding Grief & Loss: Monday, June 8th @ 4 PM MST

Support Group for Jewish Community Professionals

Tuesday’s @ 12 PM MST

Thursday’s @ 2 PM MST


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A BaMidbar dog

Spending time with your dog can be a great way to unwind, but did you know that Downward Dog can also do a lot to lift your mood?

Downward Dog is one of the most popular positions found in yoga. When we enter the pose we see the world from a new angle, which can increase our creativity and help us approach situations in different ways. Downward Dog’s inverted stretch to your spine can also reduce stress and anxiety so that when you turn right side up again you are a more open and energized version of yourself. Got a moment? Give it a try!

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BaMidbar dog yoga