Holding Space and Holding Boundaries with JewishCOLORADO

Holding Space and Holding Boundaries with JewishCOLORADO

Dates: December 8, 2020
Location: Virtual

Course Details

As informal educators, we work to create warm, caring environments for our students and serve as an important part of their support system, yet there are times we find ourselves lacking the skills or training to effectively engage with them when they come to us in a moment of need. This program will give Hillel and Chabad professionals tactical strategies to engage in conversation with a student who is sharing a struggle. How do we invite a student to tell their story and articulate what they’re going through? How do we validate and empathize with a student’s experience, and when appropriate, provide coaching and guidance? How do we empower students to find their voice and work through challenges? And through all of this, how do we hold personal and professional boundaries when engaging with students in this way? Join the BaMidbar team for an interactive 90 minute session exploring these questions.

Who It’s For

This program is designed in collaboration with Jewish Colorado for Colorado-based Hillel and Chabad professionals.


This session will take place from 11:00AM – 12:30PM MST on Tuesday December 8, 2020.

Registration Details

This program is not open to the public. If you are interested in bringing this content to your organization or community, please contact Emily Heeren at emilyh@bamidbartherapy.org for more information.


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